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Adam Spears has had a great run with his bestselling first novel. The boy wonder has been on every short list, won every notable award, and been feted all around town. It has even gone as far as thought leaders declaring him to be the next literary genius. Now his much-anticipated second novel is about to released. When Adam reads a devastating review of the book by a highly respected critic, his shock is so great and deep that he is jolted into a parallel universe in which he co-exists with some of his characters from unfinished and discarded stories. While the characters vie against each other, they also challenge Adam to rise  to his role of creator, take the bull by the horns and make some tough decisions to get himself back on track with his destiny. One Hit Wonder is both a cautionary tale of not resting on one’s laurels and a motivational summoning of our deepest abilities to achieve our dreams.

One Hit Wonder will shoot in the Spring of 2018.


"Give us love, give us tragedy, who cares? But let this be the best thing you ever wrote."


- Soldier

One Hit Wonder is set in a diner in New York City where twenty-four hour diners and restaurants are an institution. And where city dwellers find comfort in the prodigious menu offerings that feature everything from matzo ball soup to eggs and bacon. Like the New York subway, the city’s diner culture is a common denominator for every class of city dweller. The artist, the laborer, the billionaire, the homeless, all exist side-by-side for the brief time it takes to square away a meal.   


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